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    Our Black powder shoot is a true look back into the past. Just imagine having to keep your powder dry and transport your ammunition in a big pouch. No magazine or speed loaders. You miss the shot and you had a potential to hungry. Firearms of this era were mostly used for hunting for food or self-defense. Imagine being confronted by a large grizzly bear. You raise your rifle, take careful aim (because you know you only have one shot) and squeeze the trigger. Then come the dreaded click but no “Boom”. Can you say “Lunch meat!”

    Now fast forward to our Black powder shoot. We engage steel targets representing chickens, Pigs, Turkey and Rams or other animals at varying distances from 40 yards to 200 yards. The most common type of rifle is a percussion rifle in 45 or 50 caliber shooting patched round balls. Since black powder round balls are not known for their aerodynamics they tend to fly on a big arch (what we call bullet drop or trajectory). So the name of the game is knowing your trajectory. Many shooters try and aim low so that if they miss, they can still bounce the ball into the target (Hope I didn’t give the top shooters big secret away).

    Any type of black powder firearm can be used. The typical rifle has a .45, .50 or .54 caliber bore. Percussion actions are the norm, but flint locks and In-Line are allowed.

    There are 2 classes.
    Traditional – Which is Percussion or Flintlock firearms with iron sights only
    Modern – Which is In-line firearm shooting but only round balls are allowed.

    Here is a list of basic equipment that is needed:
    Rifle with sights
    Short Start
    Black Powder
    Primers (or flints)
    Lead round balls
    Cloth patched for balls
    Lube for cloth patches
    Cleaning gear (BP tends to rust bores quickly)

    Some Special Safety Considerations
    With Black powder safety is very important. When a firearm is loaded, it cannot be readily unloaded. So it should only be loaded just prior to shooting. It is important to understand that after shooting the firearm the bore can still contain hot embers from the black powder. If you are going to reload soon after shooting you should be cautious as the powder charge can be ignited by these embers as you pour in the next charge. It is for this reason that you never pour directly from a flask or storage container down the bore. Also, you never stand with your face directly over the bore when loading. Most importantly is to never use smokeless powder in a firearm designed for black powder.

    Course Commands and procedure
    In order to prevent burning the table tops on the rifle range. Black powder is shot from in front of the rifle benches. The shooting line is 6-8 feet in front of the bench which allows shooters to move to and from the shooting line without getting in front of shooter that are currently shooting.

    After making sure the range is clear, the shoot chairman/RO will give a command that is clear to commence firing. Course of fire begins with shooters advancing to the firing line. You have 2 shots at each target. There is no time limit for each shot. All shooting is Off-Hand. The course of fire for each relay is to shoot at 1 of each target type (Chicken, Pig, Turkey & Ram).

    Hits must knock the target over in order to score. If a target is just swung around it is not scored as a hit. If you knock the target over on the first shot you get 2 points. If you knock the target over with the second shot you get 1 point. Total maximum score that can be achieved is 20 points.

    Course of fire is as follows:
    40 yds. 2 shots at each of 2 Black Birds (total possible score 4 points)

    50 yds. 2 shots at each of 2 Chickens (total possible score 4 points)

    60 yds. 2 shots at each of 2 Pigs (total possible score 4 points)

    80 yds. 2 shots at each of 2 Turkeys (total possible score 4 points)

    100 Yds. 2 shots at each of 2 Rams (total possible score 4 points)

    For More information contact Otto at

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