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    Our Cowboy shoot takes you back to the old days (1800’s - early 1900’s). When men are men and ladies were um-err-a! Ladies, with guns (Scary Huh!). Well not really, our lady shooters are quite adept at hitting things.

    The cowboy shoot is a great shoot where you can dress up (If you like) in the attire of the period while shooting firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Old West: single action revolvers, pistol caliber lever action or pump rifles, and old time shotguns. Courses of fire are typically steel targets at various distances with props set-up to shoot around and or give you the feeling of being in an old west town. Each shooter will belong to a Posse. With each Posse having a Marshal who is responsible for his Posse.

    Handguns are single action revolvers of that time period shooting calibers from 32 – 45 cal. Holsters are required along with a method of carrying your ammunition. You will need 2 pistols for this shoot.

    Rifles are lever action rifles, typically 1866-1892 style with tubular magazines chambered in pistol calibers only. (32, 38, 44-40, 45 etc.). Pump action 1890’s lightning rifles are also allowed.

    Shotguns are usually double barrel side by side style (some even have external hammers) or early pump action 1897 shotguns. You will need to be able to carry your ammo on you and readily accesable.


    Shooting carts are popular in this sport, but not mandatory. A shooting cart is designed to hold your firearms, ammunition, shooting supplies etc. Some even have umbrella’s, seats ice chests, cell phone towers etc,. Our range is small enough that use of a cart is not necessary.

    Course of fire is as follows:
    Firearms are loaded on a special loading table for this event. Shooters will be called to the loading table where they will be given the command to load. Each pistol will be loaded with “5” rounds and the hammer will be placed in the down position on the empty chamber. Each riddle will be loaded with the chamber remaining empty and the hammer down on the empty chamber. Shotguns will remain empty with actions open as they are loaded during the course of fire.

    When you are called to the firing line from the loading table you will first holster your revolvers, then retrieve your shotgun and rifle from the table and advance to the starting area. “ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FIREARMS POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION”.

    At the buzzer you will repeat the required slogan given to you by the RO, then engage the targets with your firearms as you see them and in the order give during the range briefing. Each firearm must be empty when grounded or holstered. At the end of the relay you will show the Ro that your firearm is unloaded. You will then retrieve your other firearm and them to the unloading bench (rifles/shotguns must have actions open).

    At the reloading bench you will unload your firearms and make them safe under supervision. Once approved by the supervisor, you may retrieve your handguns and holster them. You may then retrieve your firearms and return them to your cart or appropriate storage rack.

    Scoring is by time. Shortest time wins. Penalties for missed targets, procedurals etc. are time added to your stage time. Procedurals are penalties given to shooters for not engaging targets in the correct order, if you shoot from the wrong position, or if you shoot a no-shoot target.

    Course Commands and procedure
    Course of fire begins by stepping into the shooting area designated by the shoot chairman and placing your long guns in the appropriate place for that stage. The shooter will then be given the proper slogan to recite by the RO.

    Next the RO will say “Shooter ready?” and if the shooter is ready the next command will be Standby” At this point the RO will start the time with an audible beep from the timer. You will then begin to shoot all the targets that are presented. You will change firearms as needed to complete the stage in the correct sequence.

    At the end of the shooting string you will keep the firearm pointed down range, open the action and show the RO that the firearm is clear. The Ro will then give you the OK to retrieve your other firearms and advance to the unloading table.

    Disqualifications “DQ’s” will be given for any unsafe act by a shooter. A DQ will result in you not being allowed to finish the rest of the shoot. We work with all shooter to make sure DQ’s do not happen, but when “DQ’s” happen we want the shooter to understand the significance of the action. As of this writing, we have not had any DQ’s at our Cowboy action shoot.

    For more information contact Mark at

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