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Rimfire Fun Shoot Information

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  • Rimfire Fun Shoot Information

    Rimfire Fun Shoot
    Our 22 Rimfire fun shoot is a family oriented shoot where you have the opportunity to shoot a different target types at various ranges from 20 Ft. to 50 Yards (and maybe farther). Due to the varying distances involved, an intimate knowledge of your sight setting helps a great deal. Shoot a scoped rifle at 20-30 ft and you find out real fast how high the crosshairs really are from the bore line. Targets are varied and change frequently so no one can “Game it” by practicing. Some targets are:

    Swinging steel targets
    Clay Pigeons
    Paper bulleyes
    Paper targets with decreasing bullseyes
    Steel silhouette targets (Chicken, Pig, Turkey Ram)
    Teeny little steel eggs (1” tall)
    Moving targets
    Army men at 50 yards (Oh wait, that is another shoot. More to come on that one later)

    Some shooting is off the bench. Some is standing. This shoot is open to all ages and sizes. Bring the whole family or a friend and see who is the best overall shooter!

    You will need a 22 rifle and 22 pistol for this shoot. Both must be chambered in 22 rimfire (No 22 magnums or 17 rimfire allowed). There are 2 categories, Scoped and Iron Sight. Most of the shooting is with the rifle, but pistols do come into play. If you don’t have a pistol, just let Dave know and we will get you a loaner by a member at the shoot. A couple of magazine are nice, but not mandatory. I have seen $1000 rifles up against $250 rifles and either can win. It is a game of “know your rifle”.

    Course Commands and procedure
    Course of fire begins by several shooters approaching the bench at the same time (Relay). When instructed, shooters will load their firearms and get ready to shoot. At the signal (Usually Dave yelling “Fire”) you start shooting at the specific targets for that relay.

    At the end of the shooting string you will keep the firearm pointed down range, make it safe by unloading it and keeping the chamber open. When the RO sees that all the firearms are clear, he will give the command to return the rifles to the rack. In the case of handguns, case them.

    Disqualifications “DQ’s” will be given for any unsafe act by a shooter. A DQ will result in you not being allowed to finish the rest of the shoot. We work with all shooter to make sure DQ’s do not happen, but when “DQ’s” happen we want the shooter to understand the significance of the action. As of this writing.

    Refires are allowed if you have a disabled pistol or malfunction that requires assistance in correcting. The RO will guide you through the process of clearing the firearm and you will be given the opportunity to re-shoot the relay.

    Scoring is by points earned. Some points are by numbered scoring ring (Bullseye targets), some by how many hits you get in a set time, others are by how many hits within a target outline.

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    What kind of pistol would be appropriate for this shoot? Does it need to be able to be reloaded rapidly?
    In other words, would a Colt SAA in .22 work for this event? Slow to load and unload and only 6 shots.


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      Any handgun chambered in .22LR, .22Long, or .22Short will work. There are no time limits on any stage. The handgun stages are usually 10 or 20 rounds. With a SAA, I'd load 5 at a time: a) it's safer, and b) it is easier to keep track of the number of rounds vs. 6 and 4.