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Shotgun Fun Shoot

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  • Shotgun Fun Shoot

    Our shotgun fun shoot is a shotgun only event where shooters take turns breaking clay targets at varying distances and presentations. A Presentation is how the bird (clay) is thrown. Some fly straight out from the front, some cross from one side to the other, some go from behind to in front of the shooter etc. there are many different presentations at each shoot. Most targets are regulation clay birds. On some occasions smaller clays may be thrown or even rabbits which roll on the ground. AT the end of the shoots there is usually an annie Oakley shoot. Annies are where 3 shooters mount their guns, the first calls for the bird and shoots. If she/he hits, no one else can shoot and she/he is safe. If the first shooter misses, the second shooter shoots. If she/he hits, that knocks the 1st shooter out. If she/he misses, the third shooter shoots. If she/he hits, he knocks the 1st two out. If all three miss, all are safe. If the 1st shooter shoots and misses, the second shooter breaks and the 3rd shooter shoots, shooter 1 and 3 are out. For the next round, the second shooter shoots first at the next target, with the 3rd and 4th backing on that target…and so on. Remember, if any person shoots and breaks, and the shooter after him shoots, the shooter who shot at the dead target is out. If you go to 5 shooters at once and the 1st four miss, the 5th shooter is shooting at a target close to hitting the ground. Thrilling and usually causes a roar from the group. Lots of fun!!! Other times they just throw a flurry. A flurry is just where they throw clays as fast as the thrower can throw they. Everyone tries to hit the clay first. No scoring just plain old fun. You can really heat your gun up on this one!

    All these different types of presentations make for a fun shoot experience. If you like shotgun shooting this is the shoot for you.

    This shoot is open to any person capable of handling their firearms in a safe manner. We have all shapes and sizes of shooter in this event including youth, ladies and seniors.

    You will need any type of gage shotgun. Most shooters shoot 12 ga. Shells, but many shoot smaller gages all the way down to 410. Sorry but no magnum loads are allowed (too noisy). Pumps, auto’s, side by sides, over/under, single shots, all are on equal level in this event. A $12000 gun is no advantage over a $300 gun in this shoot. You should also have a shot shell pouch to carry your shells while on the line.

    Course Commands and procedure
    Shooters go to the positions as directed by the shoot chairman or RO. When it is their turn to shoot they load and call for the bird. Typically you just yell “Pull” but some just grunt, others chirp while still others bark. Whatever floats your boat and get the thrower to launch the bird. When transitioning from one position to another you must make sure your shotgun in unloaded.

    At the end of your particular relay take your unloaded shotgun and place in the racks located at the firing line until your next relay.

    Disqualifications “DQ’s” will be given for any unsafe act by a shooter. A DQ will result in you not being allowed to finish the rest of the shoot. We work with all shooter to make sure DQ’s do not happen, but when “DQ’s” happen we want the shooter to understand the significance of the action.

    Scoring is the number of times you break the clay at each relay. The shooter who hits the most clays wins. Heck everybody wins at the shoot as it is just a fun shoot.

    P.S. Bring lots of shotgun ammunition on this one!

    For more information contact Tim at: 909-289-6450