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  • Tactical Shoot Information


    Tacitical shoot is a mix of steel reactive targets and Paper Targets. The shooter draws from a holster and engages the targets at various distances and angles. It requires movement and some agility. Some targets require several shots like out swinger or the rotating star. You may be required to shoot through barricades simulating walls, barrels, tubes or doors. It requires you to reload on the clock and, in may instances, while moving.

    • Any type of centerfire handgun (no Magnum cartridges) capable of being reloaded in a timely manner.
    • Holster capable of retaining the handgun in securely and safely
    • Magazine or speed loader pouches to hold your spare magazines or speed loaders/Moon clips
    • A belt to securely fasten the holster and pouches on your waist and prevent it from moving in an unsafe direction.
    • Ammunition (approximately 150 rounds)

    Course of Fire
    Shooter will engage targets on each stage “while on the clock”. Failure to engage a target is scored against you. The planned courses of fire change each month and will be explained by the Range Officer at each individual Stage before the course of fire is to comense.
    Commands are:

    Course Commands
    Load and make ready – The shooter may load the firearm, chamber a round, engage the safety and holster the firearm or place it on the proper firearm staging area.

    Shooter Ready? – This command tell the shooter the R.O. is about to start the timer. If the shooter is not ready he should inform the R.O. and the R.O. will give further instrucations.

    “BEEP” – At the sound of the timer beep the shooter is allowed to retrieve the firearm and engage the targets as described in the course of fire instructions.

    Show Clear – This command is given when the shooter has completed the course of fire. The shooter must remove the magazine then unload the firearm (or dump the cylinder if a revolver). They must then show the R.O. and empty magwell or cylinder and show and empty chamber.

    Clear to re-holster – Shooter is authorized to drop the slide, drop the hammer and re-holster the empty firearm.

    Range is clear – The R.O. has indicated the range is safe and shooters may cross the firing line to re-set targets.

    Scoring is by time. The fastest time on each stage and overall are the name of the game.
    Missed targets are scored as a minus 5 seconds
    Procedurals are scored as a minus 10 seconds
    Failure to get the swinger over is minus 30 seconds
    There may be some bonus times for engaging special targets.