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FYI Regarding Liberty Safes (revised to add New Policy)

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  • FYI Regarding Liberty Safes (revised to add New Policy)

    Liberty Safe recently granted access to a personal safe (at FBI's request). Just to inform you, this means Liberty has a back door access key to your safe,
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    Im wondering if this is why we are asked to list(make and model of safe) the way a firearm will be stored on new purchases. (?)
    liberty is the new Bud light of sorts…
    Jeremy R


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      They just came out with a new policy regarding access information storage at Liberty. Read carefully. It does NOT say there is a method of disabling the access code, only that they will delete it from their records.


      • Jride2003
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        I guess my question was … how did they know he had a liberty safe? Maybe the Bud light comment was a little off the cuff…

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      Talked to my brother this morning. He’s in the loss prevention business and has been a AmSec dealer for years. He told me you can change the manufacturer override code. I’m going to get with him later this week to see what’s required.


      • corky43
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        That would be great information!!