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General Range Rules
NOTE: Infraction of these rules may be cause for expulsion from the Corona Sportsmen’s Club. Violation of safe practices in using firearms, endangers everyone present.

Shoot Chairmen, Range Officer and Board members reserve the right to use their discretion and judgment in determining who will be allowed to use the facilities.

The instructions of a Shoot Chairmen, Range Officers and Board member, while on the range, are final and must be followed immediately! Any grievance with their decision should be presented, in writing, to the Board. “Do not debate or discuss their decision while on the range”.

The Corona Sportsmen’s Club reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone.

Report all injuries to the range official immediately.

Membership badges should be worn when on the range. Do not loan badges or keys. All members will be required to show evidence of membership upon request.

Vehicles must be operated at a safe speed while on the property.

Range gates and doors should be locked at all times except during scheduled events. Never leave the gate open when you leave unless 100% sure someone else will do it.

Trash, used targets etc., are to be deposited in trash receptacles provided. Place spent brass in range brass buckets provided. It is the responsibility of each member to pick up his/her own trash and that of guests he/she may have at the range. Since the range does not have trash service, shooters are encouraged to take their trash with them when they leave.

Each member is permitted two guests while he/she is personally present at the range. After three visits, a guest will be expected to join the club to continue enjoying its privileges. This rule shall not apply to visitors at Club-sponsored matches or to junior shooter groups using the range with permission of the Board, nor to non-members attending Club-sponsored activities such as Boy Scout Merit Badge Day, Sighting-In-Day, Hunter Safety Instruction Courses, etc.

All non-members (member’s family and guest) must be accompanied by a member.

Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or have written consent signed by their parent or legal guardian and be accompanied by a person over 21 years old who will supervise the minor. (Junior Consent forms are available at the shoots, at the range and on our web site.) All shooters are required to provide proof of age upon request.


No open fires allowed on the club property without the consent of (and under the direct supervision of), a Board member or Shoot chairman. Take proper care when using gas barbecues, stoves and smoking materials.

A Shovel or fire extinguisher must be present at all times when shooting or using fire at the range. Although there are shovels and/or fire extinguishers located near the shooting benches. It is the members responsibility to ensure there is one present and accessable at all times while shooting or using fire at the range. If either a shovel or fire extinguisher is not present do not shoot or use fire, until one is present.

All wildlife shall be protected on the club grounds, as the club is adjacent to a wildlife sanctuary.

Members Liability All members are liable for their actions and the actions of their guests. Liability releases are available at the range and must be completed by a guest immediately upon arrival at the range and prior to their use of the range facilities.

Basic Firearm Safety Rules 1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. 2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. 3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use. 4. Know your target and what is behind it.

Firearms and Ammunition Legal firearms only No automatic firearms No weapons greater than 50 caliber other than muzzle loading firearms No canons or other artillery pieces without specific approval of the Board No rockets or flares of any type No incendiary or tracer ammunition No ammunition that violates federal, state of local laws. Concealed carry only with a permit

Targets The club provides a limited number of target frames for general use. Cardboard backing is also available. Shooters must provide their own target paper. If you bring your own target backing be sure to remove it and take it with you when leaving.

All targets must be placed so as to ensure the spent projectile will hit a designated backstop.

Shooters may bring their own targets for use, provided they are of a safe design and do not contain any material that may cause dangerous ricochets. Shooting at metal targets is only permitted on the lower range. The only exception to this rule is that members may shoot at steel targets designed for .22 rimfire ammunition on the upper and rifle ranges but only when the target is placed in a safe location that does not present a safety or fire hazard.

No shooting at glass bottles, cinder blocks or anything that can fragment so as to make it difficult to clean up. Clean up of targets must be done before leaving range.

Shooting at flammable objects or object under pressure is prohibited.

Range Operation Firearms must be carried unloaded, actions open, and muzzles vertical or in an enclosed case.

Before going down range for any reason, a ceasefire must be called. All shooters must obey the ceasefire. No shooter shall be permitted to go downrange for any reason until all firing has ceased.

During cease-fires, firearms will be unloaded, actions open and benched at a 45-degree angle to the firing line pointing towards the 200-yard target berms. Handguns may be holstered if unloaded with magazine out and hammer down on an empty chamber.

Firearms MUST NOT BE HANDLED during a “CEASE FIRE”, whether they are in a vehicle, on a bench, or anywhere else. Do not return to the bench for any reason during a “CEASE FIRE”. Stay behind the red line.

Anyone present at the range has the authority to call a ceasefire at any time if it is believed that there is an unsafe situation. All shooters must obey the ceasefire, until the unsafe situation is resolved.

Ear and eye protection is mandatory on the firing line when it is active. Eye and ear protection may be removed during a ceasefire if it is safe to do so.

Know where others are at all times. There are areas down range where persons are not visible from the bench area. Make sure the range is clear before commencing shooting.

Fire from the firing line only! Do not move forward of the concrete or back from the shooting tables. 180° rule applies. While commencing a firing string, No shooter will allow their loaded firearm to be pointed further than a 90° angle from the designated firing line direction.

Loaded firearms are not permitted at any location other than on the firing line without express permission of the Range Manager, RSO, Shoot Chairman or Board Member.

During club organized events, the range is closed to all shooters except those participating in that particular event. The lower or upper range may be open to non-shoot participants depending on the shoot. See the calendar on the Club website for details. At the end of the event the Shoot Chairman or Range Officer will inform shooters that the range is “open”. At that time general shooting may commence

No night shooting. Shooting Hours are from Dawn to dusk.

Additional Lower Range Rules The lower range was laid out in a specific manner with safety in mind. To ensure the safety of people on the Upper Range all shooting on the Lower Range must comply with the following Rules:

Pistol Caliber cartridges only may be fired on the Lower Range. Rifles may be fired as long as they are shooting a pistol caliber. No Rifle Calibers are allowed on the Lower Range. This rule applies even if the cartridge is being fired out of a pistol. (all rimfire calibers are OK)

Target are to be placed at a right angle to the shooting bench. The target should be directly in front of the shooter. No cross firing is allowed.

Additions and Exceptions to Range Rules for Club Organized Shoots All commands shall be given by the Range Officer or acting Range Officer. (except cease fire, which may be called by anyone)

Range Officers shall have complete authority over all range activity. All range commands must be obeyed promptly. All members are responsible for safe range operation.

RANGE PERSONNEL ARE HERE FOR YOUR SAFETY. We require that you give them your full cooperation.

If, for any reason, you encounter problems making your firearm safe, keep it pointed down range (safe direction) and advise the range officer or safety officer immediately.

Shooting at steel targets closer than 45 ft. is allowed, provided they are angled to deflect rounds away from the shooting line.

Shooters may shoot from alternate shooting positions, directions and areas as designated by the Range Officer.

Shooting at night is permitted during club organized events


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