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  9. B of A Freezes American Spirit Arms Account
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  11. Take that Diane Feinstein!
  12. AB 174 Amended
  13. California: Pro-Gun Bill to be Heard in Committee on April 2
  14. Monsanto Protection Act slips silently through US Congress
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  16. Demand Bi-Partisan Investigative Hearings on the IRS Scandal
  17. Microstamping is now Enforced
  18. The Intolerable Bills are Here - Are You Going to Fight?
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  20. Legislation to Ban Sale and Transfer of Handguns
  21. Amended Second Amendment Foundation Suit Challenges California Gun Microstamping Law
  22. NSA Whistleblower W. Binney
  23. Starbucks Boycott by Anti-Gun groups
  24. VIP - Please Take a moment to call on pending vote
  25. California Ligislation Action alert
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  27. Privately run Parks under fire
  28. What NRA is doing for us in Ca. (Part 3)
  29. What NRA is doing for us in Ca. (Part 2)
  30. What NRA is doing for us in Ca. (Part 1)
  31. What the NRA is doing for us (Intro)
  32. Final Status on gun bills in Ca.
  33. Colorado style recall gaining steam in California
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  36. SB 808 Call your representitives NOW!
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  39. SB 293 - Folks you need to watch this one carefully!
  40. Leland Yee
  41. Pro-Hunting Bill to be Heard Tomorrow
  42. Bloomberg Plans $50 million challenge for NRA
  43. Cliven Bundy Time Line
  44. BLM Issues new fire orders
  45. AB1014 Gun violence restraining orders.
  46. New Calguns Email
  47. Los Angeles City Council Moves Forward to Ban Possession of Standard Capacity Magazin
  48. Costco removing D'Souza's 'America' from shelves
  49. Congress going after kid’s shooting sports-branded clothing and colorful youth guns
  50. California Legislature Returns to Work on Monday
  51. North OC Friends of NRA Supports Our Shooting Traditions!
  52. Ammo Sales Restriction (SB53) and Gun Violence Restraiining order (AB1014)
  53. DHS to intensify attacks on freedom oriented citizens
  54. Too good not to post
  55. Danger, Federal Land Grab
  56. Armored vehicles needed for 'Constitutionalists' with guns
  57. Court: EPA cannot regulate lead bullets
  58. HELP VETS NOW!!! Demand a Health Care Freedom Account for vets!
  59. Veterans without hope.
  60. Veterans without Hope (cont.)
  61. .45 ACP to be banned in California
  62. House Dems Pushing Bill Requiring Face-To-Face Purchases Of Ammunition
  63. Project Vigil: D-Day 2014, The saluting boy on Omaha beach
  64. USDA Public Open House Meetings - Re Burro Canyon Range
  65. New regulations - Lead Free Ammo for hunting
  66. Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer Demands ‘Full Institution’ of 2nd Amendment in
  67. AB 1134- Firearms: concealed firearm licenses.
  68. Kerry says US will sign UN treaty on arms regulation despite lawmaker opposition
  69. Warning to all california hunters:
  70. Turners NRA ILA matching donation
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  72. California: Big Anti-Gun Hearing Day in Senate Public Safety Committee On Tuesday, Ap
  73. California: Newsom’s Signature Gatherers Deceit
  74. VIP - Latest Firearm Bill update
  75. Gun Bills Live or Die This Friday
  76. California: Public Safety Committees of the Senate and Assembly Pass Deeply Flawed An
  77. Call Governor Brown and keep up the pressure.
  78. Official Veto Referendum Gaining steam
  79. Professional and home Gunsmiths are being targeted
  80. Stop The Government From Stealing Your Guns
  81. Riverside Second Amd. Rally on Saturday, September 17th 10am-2pm
  82. Free Webinar: Gun Law Update Part 1: Assault Weapon & Ghost Guns
  83. Vote Yes on 53
  84. Free Webinar
  85. journo wanting interviews of 80%ers etc in SoCal area....
  86. Turner's Outdoorsman Supports the Ruger $5 Million Match Campaign!
  87. California Legislative Body Alert
  88. The NRA is Doing Plenty in California (Part 2)
  89. The NRA is Doing Plenty in California (Part 1)
  90. Sacramento Democrats Hire Eric Holder to Take Away Your Rights
  91. Repeal of Federal Ban On Hunting With Lead Bullets
  92. Supreme Court refuses to re-hear Peruta
  93. SB 620 - California Legislature Favors Criminals over Law Abiding Gun Owners
  94. California: Federal Judge Grants Request to Stay Enforcement of California’s Magazine
  95. NRA Women's Outreach brunch this Saturday July 8th
  96. CA Assembly GOP Leader Mayes Banishes Melendez to Smallest Capitol Office
  97. “BULLET BUTTON” / “ASSAULT WEAPON” quick Reference Guide
  98. New Service Rifle Stock for Californians
  99. New Service Rifle Stock for Californians (part 2)
  100. Latest update on recent laws
  101. 13 Active Pro- & Anti-2a Bills (Part 1)
  102. 13 Active Pro- & Anti-2a Bills (Part 2)
  103. Firearm Purchases and Identification Issued by CA DMV
  104. Assault Weapon Ban Bill (Hr 5087)
  105. List of Companies Withdrawing support for NRA
  106. California: Another Bill Gutted, This Time Prohibiting Firearm Raffles by Charitable
  107. AB2497. A new tax on firearms and ammunition
  108. BLM Fire Restrictions in Effect
  109. Costa Mesa Guns Show in Jeopardy (updated 6/21/18)
  110. CA DOJ’s “Bullet-Button Assault Weapon”
  111. Injunction Against Std. Capacity Ban Upheld
  112. California State Senate Could Take Up Anti-Gun Bills Today
  113. Del mar fairgrounds meeting on gun shows
  114. Companies that dropped support for NRA
  115. Call your Assembly Public Safety Comittee NOW!
  116. “large capacity” magazine case - Part 2
  117. "Large Capacity" Magazine Case - Part 1
  118. One-Gun per Month Bill & Gun Storage Bill Pass Appropriations: Head to Assembly Floor
  119. Bill signed into law last week
  120. AB 3071 Facts Sheet-As Introduced
  121. CRPA Bulletin re "Emergency" Powers and "Essential" Services of Firearm Retailers
  122. Prop 63 "Ammo Sales Restriction" Injunction
  123. Current legislationon the table in Ca.
  124. AB 2847 in Senate Appropriations Commitee- ACTION Requested
  125. NRA Comments on NYAG Lawsuit
  126. Huge Win For Gun Owners! (Magazine Case)
  127. Legislative Alert! We Need You!
  128. Vote in 2020
  129. Roundhill Group LLC Purchases Remington Firearms
  130. Help with the CRPA Litigation Victory Fund
  131. Interesting Article about our 2A future
  132. Can the NRA Be Saved
  133. Missouri county authorizes arrest of feds who violate Second Amendment
  134. NRA Breaking News- Anti-Gun Bill Voting
  135. California bill to remove cops for speech and beliefs
  136. Gun and Ammo Tax Passes Committee
  137. Supreme Court Hands Gun Owners A Big Win
  138. One Board Member’s Last-Ditch Effort to Save the NRA